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Association of Surgical Technologists

Yes, we are making changes to better serve our Ohio AST members.  As of June 12, 2021 the Ohio AST Board of Directors has made the choice to move away from having two conferences each year. An email was sent out on Friday June 19, 2021 from the Ohio AST President regarding this decision. This decision was made based on financial and logistical reason. What does this mean for you? Here are the pros to moving to one bigger conference each year.

  • One weekend a year verse two. Saving on time and travel.
  • 15 credits for one registration fee (avg $3.25 per credit) Wow! Look at the savings!
  • Better location, Better food, more education opportunities
  • More time to spend with friends and fun evenings out exploring what the area has to offer.

We understand that some of our members liked having a fall conference that traveled to different locations. We felt it was better to have a more centralized location that way members from all over the state had less travel time, with option to attend. More information will be sent out the closer we get to the conference date. If you have questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected]


New look to spring conference 2024


Will offer 2 CE sessions: 2 CE themed evening.


Will offer 9 CE’s, continental breakfast, and lunch.


Will offer 4 CE’s, continental breakfast.


(Members must sign in at beginning of session morning in order to receive CE’s.)